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Purpose of Different Classes - Classification System (Class N) ( P Class ) & (Class K)

AdrianHD - 07.04.2009, 05:43
Post subject: Classification System (Class N) ( P Class ) & (Class K)
Classification System was thought up and written by (( GUY SMITH )) = Creator of EndlersRus..
Approved and adopted by =
Armando Pou = Collector of wild Endlers,
John Endler = University Professor
AdrianHD = Breeder and developer of wild endler strains,
Tampafishman = Preservationist and distributor of -none line bred, Wild Stock endlers .
Respectable University Professors and Many
Reputable=trustworthy Hobbiest..

The Purpose of the different classes is to better Identify the type of endlers and it's Orgins ..
(Class N): Any Endler's Livebearer (and progeny) that can be shown to have originated from their native waters in Venezuela will be considered a 'Class N' Endler.
(Class K):
The progeny of any Endler's Livebearer crossed with any other livebearer or any Hybrid strain will be considered a 'Class K' Endler.
(Class P)Class P: Any fish of unknown origin but appearing to be an Endler's Livebearer based on the characteristics of size, shape and color will be considered a 'Class P' Endler.
Click on link below for Gallery pics =
(Native Wild Stock) N Class)
AdrianHD - 11.04.2009, 05:07
Post subject:
Click on link below for Gallery (#1) Register Keepers & Pics of
(Native Wild Types ) http://www.endlers-usa.com/viewtopic.php?t=72 Strains Developed (N Class)

Click on link below for Gallery (#2) Register Keepers & Pics of
Strains Developed From Wild Collected Specimens (Wild Stock Strains)
N Class)

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